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Welcome to Royal York Massage Therapy & Osteopathy (RYMTO)

We are an integrative health clinic that tailors its treatments to specifically address our clients’ needs by taking time to listen and investigate the source of individual issues.

The Royal York Massage Therapy & Osteopathy Team


What an awesome massage from Igal. Very professional.


I was a little hesitant to see a male therapist but he put me right at ease. Knows his stuff. Would definitely recommend!!!!


Very Professional and Highly Skilled


I discovered Royal York Massage Therapy about 4 years ago, and have been a dedicated client since then! They are professional. They are highly skilled – I walk out feeling like a million bucks! They genuinely care about their clients, and are great at offering suggestions on what I can do in between treatments (i.e. stretches, work station changes, etc). I can’t imagine going anywhere else! Thanks for the excellent service!


Great Job!


I require and need very deep tissue massage and I find that Henry Janzen really does a great job – also, he is an osteopath and has a solid understanding of the body, muscles, anatomy etc. I always get 1.5 hours because I need it! He was the only therapist (after seeing a chiropractor and other massage therapists) to fix a strange knot / pain in my back & leg that lasted 4 months.

Dana J

The professionalism is amazing!


After the first treatment, I felt so good, I couldn’t wait for the 2nd one. It is a wonderful, cheerful therapy Clinic. I would never go elsewhere. I was glad the first clinic I was going to attend didn’t have the qualifications needed for my benefit plan, otherwise, I would have never looked for this Clinic. I feel so comfortable with the therapist. The professionalism is amazing.

Sharon S

I highly recommend


My experience with Royal York Therapy & Massage has been an excellent one. Their attitude is very positive, the atmosphere is very cheerful and the chiropractic and massage services are wonderful… they listen to what you say! I highly recommend that anyone requiring the services that they provide call them now; the sooner you call, the sooner you’ll find relief from whatever your ailment may be.

Eric S

Great first massage experience


Thanks to Henry my 11 years old son recently had a great first massage experience. Since he has 4 basketball practices per week very often he feels discomfort in his legs at the end of the day. Not only is Henry excellent massage therapist but is very familiar with children’s physiology. The proof of that is that my son wanted to have massage again the following day. Recommendation to parents: bring your kids because they will enjoy it the same as we do.


Long-standing back issues solved!


Henry has succeeded in relaxing muscles in my hips that have been far too tight for 40 years. He has also solved long-standing issues in my back. His massages after a canoe or hiking trip ease any discomfort right away. I am so relaxed after a massage that I sometimes have trouble staying awake the rest of the day; but the energy and ease of motion in the days and weeks following are wonderful!

Stephen Low

Knows how to address my pain issues


He ALWAYS knows how to address my pain issues & areas..& is Very Professional in his work& therapy area. If u live in Etobicoke area,or even if you’re across the city..U Definitely Need to give Alex a call.Even if u don’t have noticeable acute pain,it’s a Wonder what Alex’s expertise can do & how you Will feel afterwards.By the way..Be Sure to ask him for a scalp massage!

Jenn B

Alexandra is amazing!


I have been coming here for over 3 years now for tension headaches and a back injury. Alexandra has me headache free, I was able to go back to work with no back problems, and made it through my wedding in 3 inch heels and a pregnancy with no back problems. Fantastic and friendly person; would recommend her to anyone!

Jennifer Medal

5 stars all around!


My therapist, Vanessa Lees, was a great combination of caring and knowledgable. Even though I was late, she put me at ease and made me feel safe. And she pointed out things like that my body is a bit misaligned – Which shows she was paying close personal attention. I look forward to further sessions of her help in reducing my mental and physical stress.

Josh Rachlis

Back on track


I run regularly and suffer from minor stiffness. Recently, I did some strength work that had me very tight in the glutes, hamstrings, lower back – I could tell that this was leading to some further issues so I went to Alex for relief. He is excellent – he knows how to strip down the muscles and also how to release tight spots. A day later, I am feeling so much better and am back on track.

Sherri F

Sensitive, knowledgeable


I came in to see Jason after 3 days of shooting pain in my neck and shoulders. He did a therapeutic massage that relieved the pain and gave me excellent exercises to help me take care of myself at home. He also explained what was going on, what he was doing to help, and how it would work. He’s sensitive, knowledgeable, and I would recommend him highly to anyone. I’m so grateful to have found him!

Liz Phillips



I had my last massage with Jason and he was fantastic. His pressure was perfect as he understood what I needed specifically that day. He did an ample consultation and did not keep me too long in the consult. The only thing I will say is that he was under the 60min mark and as we know every minute counts to a client. Jason was comical and we connected well and had some very good conversation which I enjoyed. I felt so comfortable and I will definitely book with him again.


Strongly recommend RYMT


Decided to check out RYMT yesterday since my back was in a lot of pain. I went in with low expectations but was very surprised at the amount of care the RMTs provided upon my arrival.. The atmosphere was very relaxing and they really helped me to relieve my back pain. The RMT took their time in healing my back and made sure I left feeling better. I strongly recommend RYMT to anyone with any muscle pain..Thank you guys for making a big difference in my quality if life.

Ihab Ghani

They always help!


I was massaged by Cassandra who is not my regular RMT, but she was pretty good. Henry is the master, he checks your bones before massage. And very knowledgeable and professional. And after my massage I saw Dr. Marco who is very good if you need somebody to crack the air in between your bones. And they can see you asap if you are in pain and suffering. They always help! Thank you all so much


Really great experience


Melanie was awesome. She asked the right questions to determine which areas to focus on, let me know what she was doing at each step and was attentive to how I was feeling throughout the massage. She also let me know what to do after the massage to help my muscles relax. Overall, really great experience, will definitely return. My only criticism would be regarding the location (which is shared with a Chiropractic) as it was confusing, I thought I was in the wrong place.


Thanks for working your magic!


Work can get brutally busy sometimes, which means that my back, neck and shoulders suffer. Cassandra helped me out lots after asking the right questions and really working on the spots that were causing me the most trouble. I was feeling much, much better the very next day, and am looking forward to my follow up. Thanks for working your magic, Cassandra!


Highly recommended


Jason was able to explain everything he was doing and what treatment would be appropriate and why. I appreciated this approach and it made me feel comfortable when I understood what was happening. As I enjoy a number of sports, I was able to understand how the treatments would help me improve my performance. Thanks Jason – Highly recommended

Alistair Corney

Great job!

Jason is awesome lots of fun during massage. His technique is very specific. It may hurt a lot if muscle is tight but after surviving all that pain all my back and neck pain disappeared. I hope it doesn’t come back. He said I am fixed. Great job! Also all the best I can say for Henry and Alex. If you need deep tissue massage, just go to them.

Tamara I